Good riddance summer, hello autumn my old friend

I’m conscious this post will divide people but I’m going to plough on regardless…

I’ll be glad to see the back of summer, and I’ll welcome autumn and winter with open arms.

There. I said it.

I naively thought we were in this position 2-3 weeks ago, then the damned Indian summer hit and sent those of us who aren’t fans of that big, round, evil yellow bugger in the sky dashing for a safe, shaded spot again.

There are many reasons why I prefer autumn and winter to summer, including:

  • No sunburn.
  • No wasps.
  • Fewer bugs (where have all these daddy long legs come from lately?)
  • Less sweating.
  • No hideously swollen feet.
  • No baking hot car.
  • No daylight steamining through my window if I decide to go to bed before 10pm.
  • I don’t feel as drained or exhausted.
  • The stunning colours of autumn.
  • Being able to get comfortable in autumn and winter closing.
  • It’s much easier to warm up when cold than cool down when hot.
  • It’s easier to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Being able to watch TV without numerous light reflections spoiling the view.
  • I can eat nothing but soup for lunch.
  • Being able to light candles again.
  • Decent TV again, rather than the dross served up from June to August.
  • It means Hallowe’en is close.
  • It means Christmas is close.

Many people claim summer and longer hours of daylight have a positive effect on their mood. However, I’m usually at my most relaxed during autumn and winter. If I go anywhere in summer, I’m always anxious about overheating, sweating, and people noticing that. I’ve never been truly comfortable in heat. I also get tired on hot days – certainly more tired than I do during the milder months of the year. There’s no doubt about it – I’m certainly a little more anxious, irritable, and uneasy during the summer months.

So, bring on the seasons of comfy jumpers, thick socks, crisp but bright mornings, walks on pavements covered with crunchy leaves, and nights curled up in my favourite chair with a good book.

As always, thanks for reading and take care.

Best wishes.


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