An introduction to Yes, You Can Do It

Hi. Thanks for taking a look at my first Yes, You Can Do It blog post. What to include within this initial post has bothered me for a while and, after many revisions, this will summarise my overarching objectives for the blog.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, I want this to be a positive blog. However, to ensure that is the case, I also need to address subject matter which isn’t particularly easy to discuss. I’ve always had very low self-esteem, been ridiculously self-critical, and been riddled with self-doubt. Additionally, I have a real and ever-growing concern that I will reach the end of my life saddled with a huge amount of regrets and a sense of under-achievement. I fight daily battles with what, at best, is some dissatisfaction with life, and what is at worst a real sense of self-loathing. This has been really quite crippling at times. I realise that this probably sounds quite extreme but it is true and, whilst I feel I’m slowly fighting back, I’m well aware that I need to continue striving to be more positive and stop beating myself up, though that really isn’t easy. I need to share my thoughts so that they may help people in similar situations; people who are also battling self-doubt, self-loathing, anxiety, and a lack of confidence.

I will discuss many things relating to this general theme. Many of my posts will focus on self-development and positive progression, good health, sources of inspiration, understanding what we are truly capable of achieving, and many other themes in a similar vein. Some, however, will look at the more difficult side of this. The days when everything seems to go wrong, the panic attacks, the complete lack of self-belief, the fear of doing something potentially worthwhile due to the risk of failing. I will also describe coping mechanisms and tools and techniques I use to get through the darker days. But ultimately, this will be a positive blog; a blog I want to be filled with hope, positivity, belief, encouragement and support.

I will publish a minimum of one blog post per week, though I’ll be looking to add content more frequently than that. I have also created specific areas within this site to include content I find inspirational and helpful, both those created by others and my own creations. I appreciate that the whole ‘inspirational thoughts / images’ approach isn’t for everyone, hence why I’ve created separate sections. If that’s not for you, please ignore those, though I hope it will strike a chord with some readers.

Finally (for now), many thanks to you all for reading. This will be cathartic and very beneficial for me. I really don’t know if I’ll find an audience or not but, even if this is seen by just a handful of people, it will be worthwhile doing. I hope you’ll stick with me and find something of use.

Until next time.

Best wishes,



  1. You said you would (do a blog) a you did! Result. If we hadn’t already spoken about this I would honestly be quite surprised to discover that you’re having these daily struggles which just goes to show you never can tell. Well done in getting this down in print. I’m sure this journey will be a help to you (and others) and I’m always here if you need a chat on the non-internet world. With coffee, of course. Looking forward to your next post. Well done Mick x

      1. This has had me in tears Mick. Brutally and gloriously honest. I can relate to all of this. Anxiety has taken over the depression now (thankfully, I think).
        I also had the ‘but you were the last person I thought would have depression’ ‘you’re always so upbeat and confident’. Yes, I appear so when Im DOING what I love (teaching and performing) but the build up can be crippling.
        I think this blog will also help family members who are struggling at the moment too.
        I’ll catch up on your more recent posts over the next couple of days, but well done for taking the time and effort to put this together.
        Well done Mick x

        1. Thanks for the kind words Sandra – really appreciate it. I’m sure my post on music as a coping mechanism will resonate with you. x

    1. Hey Mick
      You are one of the strongest human beings I’ve ever met, knock after knock and you came out calm, composed and true, never doubt yourself OK I’ve followed your posts and you are so true to your musical calling and your family you are an inspiration to those of us who aren’t quite sure about what makes us tick???
      PS Im working for GM now so right next door to you in Manchester but without the tfgm benefits 😂😂
      Hope the blog goes well Ann x

      1. Thanks Ann – really appreciate that. We must catch up over a coffee if you’re working close to me! x

  2. Very brave and worthwhile.

    Is there a way to setup a notification when a new post is uploaded? Just because my old brain will forget to look for one or I’ll miss it on FB due to reading Doctir Who posts instead 😉😂
    Thanks and again well done! Hope it helps you and others.

    1. Thanks Allison – really appreciate that. I’ll be looking into the notifications over the next few days so that will hopefully be in place by the time the next blog post is ready. x

    2. Hi Allison, for the time being I’ve just done an “add to home screen” on my phone so at least there is a direct link when I look at my phone. Not a notification but hopefully a reminder 😂😂👍

  3. Everyone thinks everyone else has for their shit together. As it happens, most of us haven’t. It certainly helps to know other people feel the same. It’s incredibly brave of you to write a blog and I for one will be reading it! Well down Mick!!!!

    1. Really appreciate that – thanks very much Tracy and hopefully it will. Happy to chat any time if you need to. x

  4. Mick. You would certainly never see this looking at you. You always appear very confident and assured when I see you and worked with you. But one tip I have recently started to use to de stress after a difficult day at work is to sing along to a song whilst driving home. Makes me laugh at myself and reminds me to leave my frustrations at the car door when I shut it. Now after that pearl of wisdom down to earth with a bump. I have no idea how to bookmark or tag or join this blog thing!!

    1. Cheers mate – much appreciated. I use something similar but I’ll try that very specific approach over the next few days! I’ll be working on the notification / tagging side of things over the next few days so I’ll let you know when I have something in place.

  5. Go for it Mick your a wonderful guy I just wish we could meet more often. This is such a good idea. I suffer from these afflictions abeit to a lesser degree but fear of failure is real for everyone. I also think that these days life puts far too much pressure on us making us feel like we could fall at anytime. They say that we have progressed so far technologically but i often wonder if the internet and the sheer amount of communication access we now have, is a good or a bad thing. I look forward to following your progress matey we should meet for a pint some time.

    1. Thanks Scott – really appreciate that. I know what you mean and will be addressing that in a future blog post. We definitely need to catch up at some point soon.

  6. Great first blog Mick. I struggle with anxiety & depression but not willing to publically post it. Every day is a struggle but outwardly I hope nobody sees how bad it is. It’s easier to get through the day without sympathy from others.

    1. Thanks – really appreciate that. I know what you mean and hope you find whatever solution makes it all a little easier for you. x

  7. I found everything you wrote is the same as o fekt i was reading about me
    I think this is FABULOUS what you are doing and totally get it.
    I am currently having group therapy for binge eating disorder and i self harm due to hating my body and self hate
    I have seen you on occasions with becci when she is singing a d like myself you hide it well take care xxx

    1. Thanks Kirsty – really appreciate that. I’ll be addressing the body-consciousness issue in a post very soon as I’m certain that is a root cause for me. I really hope the therapy works for you. Take care and best wishes. x

  8. Well done Mick for opening up, hope this helps you and others who suffer with anxiety & self confidence, you will be surprised by how many people will suffer with this medical condition at some time in their lives, good luck with your blogs

  9. Bravo Mick, not much more to say that hasn’t already been said by others already. So many of us wear the “happy mask” these days it’s often really surprising to find out who is actually struggling like this day to day. Anyway, link added to home screen to remind me to check in. Hope to catch up soon mate.

  10. Hi Mick,
    I think this is fabulous what you’re doing. I wouldn’t have the guts to do it so you have one up on me.
    You’re such a multi talented individual, great to be around and I love your wicked sense of humour.
    I am not scared to admit I struggle from time to time so I know I’m going to enjoy and learn from your blogs so thanks in advance for that.
    I sincerley hope you get a lot out of them too.
    Good luck and take care mate

  11. Good grief Mick I had no idea but I think it’s a brilliant thing you are doing by sharing your thoughts . At times we can think and convince ourselves that we are the only ones in the world finding life an uphill struggle and I think in turn this helps to nurture the self loathing element . I also think that if we all shouted our struggles from the rooftops it would make us all feel less alone in the world . Well done and thank you for being brave enough to do it . Lots of Love Yvonne x

  12. Well done Greeny, this is so brave and thoughtful of you to share your experiences. I’ve been on a mental health rollercoaster for over 20 years and it’s shocking to think we never talk about it! I fully support and admire you and you will have a loyal follower in me. Mindfulness and cbt have really helped me, and I’m always on the lookout for new stuff to read, so thank you again and look after yourself! Lobster x

    1. Thanks Lobster – much appreciated. We must chat next time you’re over. Take care and see you soon. x

  13. Looking forward to the updates mick it really does help to know and appreciate that the outward appearance can belie what is going on beneath. I am guilty of undermining myself daily and recently find
    focussing on the moment helps relieve my worries and anxiety which are often about people I care about. This is such a positive and helpful thing that you are undertaking

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    Anyhow, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be book-marking
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  17. Mick,
    You’re an amazing human being and you’ve always been in my ‘Top 10 Favourite People EVER’ list ❤️

    Immense thanks for having the courage to share your thoughts and feelings with other people.

    I’m not sure I’m ready to read any more than your introduction yet, principally because I’m not ready to deal with my own reactions; I never am.

    As per, I’m using procrastination to ‘protect me’ when I’m fully aware it’s doing the absolute opposite.

    Thanks again ❤️

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