Put up that Christmas tree if you want to

This year has been no different to any other in that now Halloween and Bonfire Night are done and dusted, Christmas advertising campaigns are inescapable. This year has been very different to others for reasons we are all too familiar with.

I’ve seen a number of recent social media posts where people have either put up their Christmas tree already or are thinking of doing so in the very near future. In pretty much all of these, the responses have been mixed. Some feel this is a great idea; others believe it’s crazy and unnecessary.

At the end of the day, it’s up to each of us to determine how to live our lives (as long as it’s within the confines of the law). In any year, if you want to put up your Christmas tree in November, then put it up. It’s your life – do as you please and don’t worry about what others might say. This thinking seems more relevant and appropriate than ever this year.

It has been an absolute pig of a year for just about everyone so why sneer at people for trying to bring a bit of joy into everyday life? Put up the tree. Watch all the classic Christmas movies.  Revisit the Christmas songs playlist and crank the volume right up. Watch the wonderful Christmas cookery shows the Food Network channel are now showing pretty much 24/7. If it makes you feel better and just a tiny bit more positive about life right now, then bloody well do it. The absolute priority for all of us is getting through this hideous situation unscathed. Ensuring we get through it; ensuring our families get through it, ensuring our friends get through it.

Alternatively, if you hate Christmas and winter, do whatever brings a smile to your face. If you prefer summer and warmer climes, break out the summer holiday playlists. Make Caribbean-themed cocktails. Watch YouTube videos of Mediterranean sunsets, summer carnivals and sun-drenched beach scenes. Find what works for you. We must try to find the simple positives in everyday life. Ultimately, do anything that makes you smile a little more and reminds you that we have had better days previously and there are better days ahead. Don’t worry about what people think – it really doesn’t matter.

As always, thanks for reading and take care.

Best wishes.


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